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When a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, the bicyclist can suffer significant injuries. Unlike those in car accidents, bicyclists don’t have the protection of a roof, seat belts, or airbags. Because of significant injuries, victims involved in bicycle accidents need the help of accident attorneys to obtain compensation for all the harms and losses they’ve suffered. At Carvalho & Associates, we have decades of experience helping those injured in bicycle accidents obtain maximum compensation. If you sustained any injury in a bicycle accident, our bicycle accident lawyers will represent you in court, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and gather the evidence needed to prove your case.
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 Bicycle Laws in Nevada

Bicyclists must operate under the same rules as drivers of cars and other vehicles. They have the same rights and the same responsibilities. They must ride on the right side of the road unless they are preparing to turn left or aren't able to match the speed of traffic. They must obey all traffic signs and signals and use hand signals for turns and stops. You aren’t required by law to wear a helmet while riding a bike in Nevada, but you should wear one to protect yourself from serious injury or death in the event of a bicycle accident.
Bicycle Accidents Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV
Bicycle Crash with Scattered Parts on The Road

 What Causes Most Bicycle Accidents?

Most bicycle accidents in Nevada are caused by negligence and careless driving. Bicyclists are very vulnerable as compared to other vehicles. Not surprisingly, most fatal bicycle accidents occur on urban roads. Not all roads in the Las Vegas Valley have designated bicycle lanes, and bicyclists have to share the road with vehicles much larger than them. Many motorists don’t know or don’t follow the law that requires the motorist to move to next left lane when passing a bicyclist and be at least 3 feet away from a bicycle, electric bicycle or electric scooter if there is only one lane. Bicyclists are also less visible to other motorists. Like car accidents, bike accidents are often caused by distracted or impaired driving, poor visibility or roadway conditions, failure to stop or yield, improper or no use of turn signals or hand signals, and not riding on the correct side of the road.

How Common Are Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle accidents are very common. The Nevada Department of Transportation estimates that Las Vegas averages around 490 bicycle crashes annually, with 438 injuries reported and 8 fatalities. Not all bicycle accidents are reported, however, because only serious accidents and fatalities get reported.
Bicycle Accidents Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV

 What Is My Bicycle Injury Case Worth?

The value of your bicycle accident claim is determined by the amount of damages you sustained, including economic and non-economic damages, as well as the amount of insurance monies available. Economic damages means the medical bills and any income or wage loss you incurred as a result of the bicycle accident. Non-economic damages means the pain, suffering, and lost enjoyment of life caused by the bicycle accident. Because these values vary so much from case to case, your bicycle accident lawyer can't give you an upfront estimate of the value of your case.

How Much Is My Las Vegas Case Worth?

The amount of damages you can claim in your motorcycle accident case will depend on many factors, the most important of which are the extent of your injuries and the amount of insurance monies available. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you recoup the most money possible based on the specific details of your case.

 What Damages Are Available to Bicycle Accident Victims?

Your bicycle accident law firm can claim many different types of damages in your bicycle accident lawsuit or insurance claim:

  • Ambulance bills
  • Emotional distress
  • Follow-up medical care
  • Hospital bills
  • Inability to enjoy activities that you used to enjoy, like bicycle riding
  • Loss of use of limbs or bodily functions
  • Lost earnings/loss of work
  • Medical equipment like bandages, crutches, transportation aides
  • Mental injuries like flashbacks, depression, and anxiety
  • Nursing care
  • Physical pain
  • Prescription medications
  • Property damage
  • Scarring or permanent disability

What Happens If I’m Blamed for a Bicycle Crash?

A driver and a bicyclist can both be at fault for an accident. Just like with any accident, a number of factors can contribute to causing an accident. In recognition of this, Nevada has adopted a modified version of comparative negligence. Under this modified version, if you are proven to be 50% or less at fault, you can still recover your damages, but reduced by the amount of your fault. For example, if your damages are valued at $100,000 and you were found to be 30% at fault, you would still recover $70,000.

An experienced accident trial attorney knows it’s important to examine all the factors that contributed to an accident and determine which ones are the most significant factors. Sometimes, a bicyclist is blamed because they’re not wearing bright colored clothing, but drivers around the bicyclist also have an obligation to pay attention and failed to do so when the lighting conditions made the bicyclist visible anyways. In that respect, the driver may have contributed to the accident than the bicyclist.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim After a Bicycle Crash?

Just like with any car accident in Nevada, someone injured in a bicycle accident has up to two years after a bicycle accident to file a bicycle accident lawsuit for their bodily injuries. Before the second anniversary of the bicycle accident, the injured bicyclist can try to negotiate and settle their case. If the case is not settled by that second anniversary, the injured bicyclist must file a lawsuit or forever waive their claim for any bodily injuries.

 Other Factors That Place Both Drivers & Cyclists at Risk

Both drivers and cyclists are at risk of these dangers when on the road:
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Failure to obey traffic signals
  • Poor visibility
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Unsafe roadway design
  • Lack of signs or unclear signs
  • Heavy traffic
  • Broken or malfunctioning traffic lights
  • Broken or malfunctioning turn signals or brake lights

What Is My Bicycle Injury Case Worth?

Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in helping victims of bicycle accidents fight for their rights. From our extensive trial experience, we know what we need to prove fault for the bicycle accident, that the accident caused your injuries, the extent of your injuries, and how those injuries affected your life. We know that investigating right after an accident is important, so that evidence – such as videos and the recollections of witnesses – are not lost. We are there to help our clients from the start, as we know that some bicycle accident victims may have difficulty finding the right doctors or paying for their medical bills. Preparing a claim also involves gathering documentation of your injuries, speaking with your friends and family, talking to your employer, and consulting with your medical providers about your injuries and damages. Once we have sufficient documentation of whose at fault and your damages, we prepare a persuasive demand to the insurance company and begin negotiating. If your case can’t be settled, we are prepared to file suit and take your case to trial.

We’ll Fight to Get You Maximum Compensation for Your Bicycle Accident Injuries

Our accident law firm will do everything possible to prove fault and establish the full extent of your injuries and losses from your bicycle accident. We will look at economic and non-economic damages, such as lost wages, pain, suffering, consortium loss, medical bills, property damage costs, and anything else we can use to determine what you are owed. When you hire our bicycle accident lawyers, you will have experts who know how to negotiate and will give you the best chance of success in your insurance claim or bicycle accident lawsuit.

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